Organic & Natural beauty products inspired by real life.
GLÄDJA (/GLAD ya/) means "happiness" in Swedish. And when it comes to beauty products, happiness means products that are free of toxic chemicals, deliver great results and are sustainably priced. You no longer have to sacrifice your health to get beautiful hair, skin and makeup. All our products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and harmful preservatives. Our organic skin care lines and top of the line cosmetics are created with one goal in mind: to enhance your wellbeing, confidence & happiness!
Crafted with nature’s purest resources.
GLÄDJA’s natural hair care and certified organic skin care products are developed with a great understanding of plant benefits and uses, and a deep respect for the environment. We only use the highest quality, purest ingredients, and maintain the same philosophy when it comes to manufacturing our products. Independent organic certification organizations verify every step of the production, from farming to manufacturing, and their seal of approval confirms our commitment. Our products are certified by one of the largest and most respected organic standards in the world, Ecocert, the industry leader in organic skin care and cosmetic certification.
Glädja have truly the most pigmented makeup products I have ever used!” — Susanne B.
Be beautiful – inside
and out!
GLÄDJA Makeup is fun, eco-conscious and perfect for any look and lifestyle. Our multi-use products are fun and easy to use, they come in a wide color palette, and deliver great results, no matter how classical or bold your style.

Our long-lasting, low maintenance products allow you to create looks for all types of occasions, in a blink. We only use the highest quality pigments and ingredients, for results that are both glamourous and healthy. Our make-up products are paraben free, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and never tested on animals. Beautiful, isn’t it?
“I absolutely love your makeup shimmers!! I've used them as eye shadow, cheek highlighters, lip accents, & eyeliner.” — Johanne S.
Be Well.
At GLÄDJA, we believe that well-being is the foundation of happiness. When you feel good, you look good. We not only care about our product ingredients, their quality and benefits for your health, we also want them to deliver amazing results. Natural and organic ingredients are not enough. We also use the highest quality formulas to ensure that you have fun using our products and look your very best.
Be Confident.
When we look good, we feel good about ourselves, and this confidence is a magic ingredient of our happiness. When it comes to beauty products, every little bit counts and the smallest details can make a difference. That is why, at GLÄDJA, we strive to give you the best beauty product tools that are both fun and efficient, to help you achieve your best look.
“I just love Glädja Organics products and feel good about taking my skin off costly products that are full of chemicals and don’t do much for my skin. I love the simplicity of the product line.” — Aline K.