Company Overview

glädja (Swedish):  delight, rejoice, be glad or feel happy

Our vision is to create beauty products that combine and promote beauty and health, through high quality, cruelty-free products and the purest ingredients. We care deeply about the well-being and health of our community, and thrive to always offer useful, effective and meaningful products to our customers. Our passion and creativity are rooted in our rich history and experience, and they allow us to create amazing, unique products.

Hair Care

Glädja’s premium hair care products stand out: they make hair look its best and feel its healthiest. Their all natural, intensive care formula is based on a powerful combination of argan ad coconut oils that repairs, restores and protects. By nourishing the hair with pro-vitamin B5 and moisturizing ingredients, our products help restore and maintain your hair’s softness and shine.

Skin Care

Glädja skin care: the power of simple. Sometimes we complicate things and feel the need to dress it up, add more or make it fancy, when all along it is just perfect, as is. Skincare should not be complicated. We believe skincare should be; nurturing to the skin, easy to use, smell delicious and feel incredible... Glädja brings to you our botanical based skincare line. Gentle, uncomplicated and extremely effective. Our cleanser gently cleanses. Our moisturizers really moisturize, not too heavy, not too light.

Our products are made with all natural botanical ingredients such as almond oil, aloe vera, avocado oil, chamomile extract, cucumber extract, grape seed extract, jojoba oil, Japanese green tea and shea butter.


Glädja’s cosmetics line features classic pieces as well as the trendiest new products… and everything in between.

We take pride in our state of the art cosmetics lines, high quality ingredients, luxurious textures, effective formulas and price advantage. We never miss a beat and are constantly being inspired by catwalk shows, fashion trends and new technology, while also exploring new ways to improve and revisit beauty classics.

Trend awareness

Our amazing trend scout team travels the world and its fashion capitals in search of the latest inspiration, looks and ideas. And nothing escapes them! This is how we are able to develop products that are always at the forefront of new tendencies, featuring the hottest new colors, innovative textures and state of the art packaging.

As a result, we update 25% of our products twice a year, so that we can share our glamorous new finds and make sure that there is always something new for you to discover, try and fall in love with!

Premium quality

The high quality of our products is something we take pride in. Therefore, we ask that our providers meet our quality standards, and we do regular visits on location and perform rigorous controls. This allows us to maintain quality both as a business priority and a practice.

Cruelty free: No testing on animals

Our products are never tested on animals, neither by ourselves nor by our partner manufacturers. We require that our suppliers certify in writing that the finished products and their ingredients have not been tested on animals.

Inspiring, contagious and multi-facetted.
Glädja. Be even more beautiful.