Glädja Reward Points Program


We’d like to reward you for shopping and sharing!

How does it work?

You earn Reward Points every time you make a purchase in our online store, by opening a new account, referring customers and by sharing, liking, tweeting and pinning products on your Social Media. Then you use your Reward Points like cash for discounts on your next purchase.

You can get started on collecting and redeeming points today!


Become a member by signing up


Earn points on every dollar spent


Refer friends, share us on Facebook & Twitter, Follow us on Twitter & Instagram and Like us on Facebook to earn even more points.

Ways to earn Glädja points:

2,500 POINTS, just to create a store account!


For every dollar you spend (before tax) = 50 Glädja Reward Points, and for every 1,000 Glädja Reward Points you gain = 1 dollar!

2,500 POINTS EACH, when you share us on Facebook or Twitter, or Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or like us on Facebook!

10,000 POINTS, When you refer a friend!

15,000 POINTS, On your birthday!

Ways to spend Glädja points

Save on future orders:

5,000 POINTS = $5 OFF
10,000 POINTS = $10 OFF
15,000 POINTS = $15 OFF
20,000 POINTS = $20 OFF
25,000 POINTS = $25 OFF
30,000 POINTS = $30 OFF
35,000 POINTS = $35 OFF
40,000 POINTS = $40 OFF
45,000 POINTS = $45 OFF
50,000 POINTS = $50 OFF

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is the Glädja Rewards Program?

Glädja Rewards is our way of thanking our loyal customers for choosing Glädja. As a Glädja customer, you'll be rewarded with points and exclusive offers. The program is FREE; simply shop like you always do and get rewarded for it.

Why join the Glädja Reward Points Program?

Not only will you be able to start recommending your friends and family and begin earning points, but you will also benefit from all of our unique loyalty program offers.


How can I join the Glädja Reward Points Program?

You can join by creating an Account at

What happens if I already have an account?

All customers are automatically enrolled into the Glädja Reward Points Program.

What information do I need to provide to join?

To receive all the benefits of the Glädja Reward Points Program, you must provide your first and last name, street address, city, state, ZIP code, phone number, valid email address and date of birth. Opting in to receive emails from Glädja and providing your birthday allows us to give you extra Reward Points.

Are there any requirements for becoming a member?

Yes, persons under the age of eighteen (18) years of age must obtain the consent of their parent or legal guardian prior to participation in the Glädja Reward Points Program.

Managing your Account

Can I share my membership with a family member or friend?

No, there is only allowed to be one member per account.

How can I check to see if and how many points I have?

Log into your account and go to the MY REWARDS tab, where you will find your current and pending points balance.

Do I need to activate my Glädja Reward Points?

No, signing up to an account will automatically activate your Glädja Reward Points.

What currency are Glädja reward points based on?

Glädja reward points are based on the default currency US dollar currency

How Does the Glädja Reward Points Program Work

Earning Glädja Reward Points?

There are many way you can earn Glädja Reward Points:

1. You will receive Glädja Reward Points for every dollar you spend purchasing products from our online store.

2. Being Social: sending product information to a friend (via email), liking a product with Facebook, share website on Facebook, share website on Twitter, following us on Twitter and following us on Instagram.

3. Referrals: If you refer someone to Glädja and they sign up an account using your referral details, you will receive 10,000 in Glädja Reward Points.

4. Account Actions: All new customer Signups, your Birthday and Voting in a Poll.

Spending Glädja Rewards Points?

Give you discounts off your purchases in our online store. You will receive a coupon code that you can use to redeem your discount.

Can I combine Glädja Rewards Points with online discounts?

Yes, you may use Glädja Rewards Points along with other discounts or promotions.

Can I earn and redeem Glädja Rewards Points on the same purchase?

Yes. For example, if you purchase an item for US$200, redeem points on US$100, you will earn Glädja Reward Points on the remaining US$100 that you pay for using the payment methods available.

Can I give my points away?

No. Points must be redeemed by the account holder.

Can I ever lose my points?

Yes, you can lose points if; you return goods, your referral returns goods or abuse the Glädja Rewards Points System.

Earning Glädja Reward Points

How do I earn Glädja Reward Points?

There are multiple ways to earn Reward Points.

1. Buying Switch Gear

Sign up an account at Glädja, then make sure you're logged in when you make any purchases and your points will be added to your account automatically when your items have been shipped.

Receive 50 points for every US$1 spent on purchases.

2. Being Social

Sign into your Glädja account, log into your social media and start sharing. You can use the following Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Points will be credited to your account automatically.

3. Referring

Receive 10,000 Glädja Reward Points by referring friends 1st purchases in our online store. If the referee returns the product the points will be reversed.

4. Account Actions

Signing up to an account at Glädja, 2,500 points will automatically be credited to your account. 10,000 Birthday Reward Points, on the day of your birthday will automatically be awarded to your account if you have stated your date of birth in your account information.

Redeeming Glädja Reward Points

How do I redeem my points?

Use them as discounts off your purchases in our online store.

How many points do I need for redemption?

You can redeem increments of 5,000 points on your purchases.

Gather 5,000 points, and you are eligible for 5 dollars off!
Gather 10,000 Points, and you are eligible for 10 dollars off!
Gather 15,000 Points, and you are eligible for 15 dollars off!
Gather 20,000 Points, and you are eligible for 20 dollars off!
Gather 25,000 Points, and you are eligible for 25 dollars off!
Gather 30,000 Points, and you are eligible for 30 dollars off!
Gather 35,000 Points, and you are eligible for 35 dollars off!
Gather 40,000 Points, and you are eligible for 40 dollars off!
Gather 45,000 Points, and you are eligible for 45 dollars off!
Gather 50,000 Points, and you are eligible for 50 dollars off!

Is there a maximum amount of points that can be redeemed in one order?

You can redeem in increments of 5,000 points to the sub-total of your qualifying purchase. You cannot use Glädja Reward Points to cover taxes or shipping.